7.11.20 GET OUT in the streets 'Merica, a reading. Hosted by School of the Alternative (SotA) 

6.01.2020 - Black Film as Protest Thursdays and Sundays screening and discussion (invite only) hosted by WQTNradio.

5.13.20 Teaching Screenwriting Rooted in Decolonization and Abstract thinking at SotA - POSTPONED DUE TO CORONA

2020 got real cray ...

1.28.20 In Rwanda producing Scifi musical NEPTUNE FROST

7.8.19 Leads a workshop Healing Justice Media Lab in partnership with Code Tenderloin.

5.23.19 Leads a workshop Screenwriting Rooted in Decolonization at School of the Alternative.

So.Cray.2019 ...

10.9.18 M presents Indigo Impact projects apart of Playtest: An Open House for Emerging Media in the Digital Humanities.

09.11.18 M launches Kickstarter for ELEPHANT.

05.18.18 10 years since the debut of PALM TREES. It screens a part of the SF Urban Film Festival and SF Planning Dept. to discuss film, transit, community, and the future of our city. 

115.01.17 WIRED magazine calls M "The Filmmaker/Provocateur."

05.01.17 M launches Indigo Impact a meditation on creative strategies focused on messaging, impact, engagement, audience building, and outreach.

08.01.16 M joins the team of AYITI MON AMOUR by Guetty Felin.

04.01.16 M joins the team of DREAMSTATES by Anisia Uzeyman with Saul Williams.

03.01.16 M teaches Experiments in Film Narrative at Stanislaus State University.

10.07.15 space_d screens in Mexico City. La Casa del Cine Mx
09.23.15 - 09.26.15 MATATU Festival of Stories rides through Oakland, CA with music, cinema, art, and performance.

11.01.14 M designs a Mobile Selfie Booth apart of the Market Street Prototyping Festival

05.05.14 An interview with M in Stigmart 10 Videofocus13