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A Certain Grace

 The grace we afford our most vulnerable communities.


After her daughter's death, an artist struggles as her mental health disintegrates among the transient communities of Northern and Central California. 

After her daughter's death, Grace, a wealthy wife, and renowned former dancer struggles with mental illness in Northern California. She descends further disconnected from her family in the desert of California's Central Valley. Among the transient and migrant communities, she experiences firsthand invisibility, prejudice, and harm while homeless. Searching and waiting for her return, Grace's family grieves the double loss. They put off the spreading of the youngest daughter's ashes, which strains the family. Without Grace, they struggle with family issues, old wounds, and unknown truths. They cope as the family spends significant resources finding her and bringing her back home. They quickly learn that money is not enough. Social services like law enforcement lack support, attention, or understanding of the needs of marginalized and vulnerable people. After being arrested for vagrancy, Grace transfers from jail to a small community clinic to recover her mental and physical health. Good folks, treatment, and a strong community guide her back to health. She lets go of her imaginary daughter, reunites with her family, and moves through her grief. Finally, the family grieves for the daughter and sister they lost.

By: Maria Judice
Collaborators/Producers: Amanda Vigil, Thuc Nguyen
Feature Narrative Film

Stage: Development
Photographed in San Francisco and Central Valley, California
Support: San Francisco Arts Commission 

The Black family is the strongest institution in the world.

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Maria Judice: Running the Show From the Bay Area Script Mag


Drama, Feature Film, Narrative, San Francisco, Central California, Family, Mental Health, Mothers-Daughters, Depression, Violence, Self-care, Political, Trauma, Holistic, Avantgarde, Independent,  Urban, Youth, Film, Video, Media

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