A meditation on Black mobility and the terror of moving through space, time, and collective grief.

Feature Narrative Film

A woman witnesses a murder of a young boy by a police officer and suffers from a prolonged mental breakdown that renders her incapable of leaving her apartment.

ELEPHANT explores the body, space, and mental health of those witnessing and undergoing oppression, assault, trauma, and loss. A holistic process-driven long-form multidisciplinary project about self-care and healing with participation from the beloved community incorporating writing, photography, music, design, technology and performance art.

Film/Video/Media​/Art Project

By: Maria Judice
Collaborators/Producers: Amanda Vigil, Shirah Dedman, Sloan Abihaidar

Exec Producers: Jordan McCollum and Chris Mayo

Cast: Reyce Judice, Shirah Dedman, Amanda Vigil, D'Arion Curry-Matthews, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Jeff Harry, Jeffrey Moore, Cheri Mims, Jet Noir, Bertha Argumedo, Natalia Vigil, Tonya Amos, Julian Prince Dash, Del Seymour

Supporters: Ann Hess, Pamela Day, Andrea Yeager, Robin McCollum

Art: Blu Phoenix
Image: Ankah Karewicz

Photographed in San Francisco

Kickstarter Special Thanks:  DeWayne Austin, Erin Persley, Jessica Jones, John Kenck 
P.E. Kenck, Elton Loud, Tamara Perkins/Life After Life, Donald Goldmacher/Documentary Producer, John Harden, LaurenBaranco, Jaz Gray, Suzuya Bobo, Andrew Froug, Maria Doctor, Andrea Yeager, Michael Coppock, Kenneth Tanner, M. Michelle Russell Norwood, Zach Baum, Anouk Jevtic, Sinisa Kukic, Michael Orange, Rajal Pitroda, Amanda Vigil, Mary Joe, Shantre Pinkney, Natasha Younge, Grace Caldara, Kelly Parker, Ashley De La Torre, Olivia Ana Robertson, Edrei Hudson, L Jeffrey Moore, Mo Morris, Darryl Jones, Lee Anne Schmitt, Scarlett Shepard, Tahir Hemphill, Pam Uzzell, Aida Salazar, sonic, Leah Nichols, Florencia Manovil, Melinda James, Humanity's One Thought, 
Rafhael Cedeno, Dori Caminong, Robin McCollum, Sean E Westbrook, Jackee Chang, Simone Nelson,  Esteban Arguello, James Russell, Benjamin Mulholland, Fay Darmawi, Jordan McCollum 

*ELEPHANT is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas


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The letterpress poems are limited edition. The first run of letterpress poems was for the ELEPHANT's Kickstarter campaign. This second run of the poem will support the production and larger art project. 

Article from Jet Magazine  - Feb 17, 1986 - Page 37

Short Documentary Film

A nap, a simple comfort, a dream of future opportunities – the elephant looming over everyday life of Timothy Charles Lee. A tired 23-year olf gay, Black, fashion design student fell asleep returning home from a job interview on the BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT (BART) train. He missed his stop and woke up at Concord BART station. He called friends and family to pick him up. It was late, the train was no longer running and he was stranded far away from home. He was found the next morning, hanged near the Concord BART station, on Saturday, November 2, 1985, under an old fig tree.

By: Maria Judice
Collaborators/Producers: Amanda Vigil, Sloan Abihaidar

Exec Producers: Del Seymour

Art: Blu Phoenix
Image: Ankah Karewicz

Photographed in San Francisco to Concord


Cognitive Destruction: A Paradise Lost Radio Interview

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Photo: moonless San Francisco 2012
 Sinisa Kukic