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  • Big Dark Energy

Our fears can not describe the exponential growing black box that is Big Dark Energy. We only know that it consumes, it feeds on darkness and all that darkness can embody.​

  • Gotchya

Gotchya learns the beauty of the image through an accidental meeting with a neighborhood photographer.

(Official Selection) Cindependent Film Festival

  • Demonio de Fuego de La Misión

A fire-eating monster conjured by a luxury condo real estate warlord terrorizes a neighborhood on the Southside of San Francisco.

  • A Certain Grace

A distraught mother disappears into farmlands and abandoned towns of California’s Central Valley.

  • Elephant

A woman witnesses a murder on her front doorstep and suffers from a prolonged mental breakdown that renders her incapable of leaving her apartment.

  • Kill, Time

The "mother" of a line of anatomical intelligent machines finds her greatest creation is also her greatest obstacle to human domination.

An urban legend takes four friends on a detour to find a bottomless hole along the Pacific Northwest.

(Official Selection) Freedom Film Festival

(Official Selection, Honorable Mention) Colorado International Film Festival

(Award Winner, 1st Place) LV Screenplay Contest

  • Series II - Push

I. Pushing Future Past

A kidnapped woman cautiously navigates an ex-lover, dodging the past only to tumble in the future.

(Official Selection) The International Gullah Film Festival

(Award WinnerLV Screenplay Contest

(Semi-Finalist) Silent River Screenplay Competition 

(Semi-Finalist) Southeastern International Film Festival

II. Pushing Future Present

A mother journeys to Berkeley, CA to be with her son only to learn of his new queer family.

(Official Selection) Windy City International Film Festival

(Award Winner) Independent Talents International Film Festival

(Official Selection) Script Shop

(Official Selection) Colorado International Film Festival

(Script Published) Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora vol. 46.1

III. Pushing Past Future

A young woman seeks redemption from a mystic after her lover commits suicide. 

  • Series I - in this world

I. moonless

A reluctant traveler returns to Earth.

II. spaced

Best friends, Krista and Marlie discuss their soon to be high school careers and the “adulting” of their friendship.

III. orbiters

Two sisters discuss how many knocks it takes to enter a room.

(Official Selection) Colorado Screenplay Competition 4th Place
(Official Selection, Quarter Finalist) Slamdance Screenwriting Competition

  • Humans

A woman returns home uncovering old forgotten bones in the backyard. She subsequently becomes possessed on a destructive path of revenge revealing old forgotten secrets.

  • LA Story

A man returns after 35 years behind bars to his home in Los Angeles's West Adams neighborhood. He finds nothing as it was before and everyone he has known gone. He makes amends with the past while reconciling the future.

  • Fog Over Frisco

Unlikely half-sisters Winter and Nikki meet for the first time in San Francisco. From vastly different worlds and living on the opposite side of the city they struggle to build a bond. Each young woman reaches for the other to make sense of how to make a future of their own design.

  • Geraniums

Innocently a 6-year brings marijuana seeds to school for plant day.

  • Palm Trees Down 3rd St.

Opposites attract as unlikely half-sisters Winter and Nikki meet for the first time in San Francisco.


  • Elephant

Forum Magazine Spring 2019

  • For My Bull

Undertone Mag Issue 003



  • The Other Me

Alternating Current | Breathing While Black



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